Sojourners—Welcoming Immigrants With Open Arms

Sojourner reminds us of bibilical teaching to love our neighbors

Immigration reform strikes at the heart of many social justice causes—helping make the world a better place—and social justice groups are getting involved. Sojourners is a well-known Christian organization that has been advocating for immigration reform.

What is Sojourners?

Sojourners was founded forty years ago as a Christian organization working nationwide for social justice. Their mission includes immigration reform, but it reaches far beyond one single issue. Sojourners has three strategic commitments: life and peace, environmental stewardship, and racial and social justice. Immigration reform fits into the third category.

Sojourners advocates for all the issues under its umbrella from a Bible-based position, encouraging people to put their faith in action to “transform individuals, communities, the church and the world.”[1] Sojourners is headed by president and CEO Jim Wallis, who “is a bestselling author, public theologian, speaker, and international commentator on ethics and public life.”[2]

What are Sojourners’ priorities?

Sojourners takes its cue from Biblical teachings that all people are created in the image of God and should be treated with respect. The organization also believes in the importance of showing compassion and love towards strangers, in this case, immigrants. In addition, the Bible teaches that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves; immigrants are our neighbors and should be treated as such. Sojourners also draws on Biblical teachings about the importance of the rule of just laws but recognizes the harm that unjust laws and systems inflict.[3]

As it stands now, the immigration system is badly broken and in need of repair. Sojourners supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes the following principles:[4]

-          Authorities need to be able to enforce immigration laws and protect the border, but they must do so in manner consistent with humanitarian values.

-          The family-based immigration system needs to be reformed to reduce wait times for separated families, maintain birthright citizenship, and ensure that immigrants have the ability to naturalize.

-          A path to legal permanent residency and citizenship should be made available to undocumented immigrants.

-          The employment-based immigration system must ensure due process and worker protections for workers and their families and allow them to maintain their legal status independent of employer sponsorship.

-          The root causes of migration, like economic disparity between countries, must be addressed.

How do I get involved?

You can sign up for email updates about immigration reform and follow Sojourners on social media. In addition, the organization has prepared a message that you can send to your representatives in Congress, urging them to support the current reform bill. As Sojourners puts it, “while this bill is not perfect, it would do much to end the injustice of a broken immigration system that tears apart families, disrupts communities, and keeps productive members of society in the shadows.”[5]

If you have any questions about your own immigration status or that of your loved ones, please contact an immigration lawyer.






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